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About Mari

A 60-second summary of why I like working in UX.
Wedding Fish Face Photo by Chris Beer
I create efficient, intuitive solutions by considering the whole environment of a product - from the immediate details of a user's interaction with it; to design and implementation; to company, client, and user goals. My varied background that enables me to address both detail work and systems thinking, make strategic commitments, and to plan a digital ecosystem that addresses a client's core needs.

I am hoping that my next move will take me in a direction to assist with positive, global, social change.

Batman Pajamas, 1990s
As a short person, I stand on many soap boxes. A partial list, in no particular order :

At the helm of a sailboat FIGMENT Oakland
Offering free, family-friendly and participatory art to entire communities around the world.
After attending the innagural event in 2014, I volunteered as the Curation Co-Lead for FIGMENT Oakland for 2015. I was responsible for internal-facing organization, communication, workflow optimization, documentation, etc to support a team of curators. Also assisted with on-boarding and coordinating artists for the event, along with all the other Curation volunteers. Herd cats. Write documentation. Explain documentation. Help with everything.

DDI, Ultimate Edition Girls Science Institute at the Exploratorium
Week-long summer camp of hands-on learning at the Exploratorium for girls aged 10 to 12.
One- and two-day volunteer stints. Assist with project set-up in the morning, registration and check-in, maintain order throughout the day, answer questions and guide exploration, and generally be present as a female engineer role model. Program ended fall 2015.

NewCo Festival - San Francisco
To connect and celebrate the companies, people, and practices that create a positive and sustainable approach to business in today's modern working city.
I assisted with day-of presentation for Host Companies around San Francisco on the day of the festival in 2014. Host Company Ambassadors were on hand both as a NewCo representative and set-up assistance for each assigned company.

Ardent Heavy Industries
Engineering solutions for problems that don't exist.
Contributing volunteer member of this industrial arts collective since summer 2013. Our best-known works are Dance Dance Immolation (in the Guinness World Records as "World's Hottest Videogame"), 2πr (a blisteringly interactive large-scale fire toy), the Ardent Mobile Cloud Platform (a glowing pixelated cloud that will rain on your parade), and Straightedge (a 2.7mi long visualization of the curvature of the earth).
it was on fire when i got here

About to fly in friend's airplane
i am the cavalry
Be a voice of reason. Drive cyber security for public safety.
I am currently volunteering for this grassroots organization bringing together security researchers and manufacturers of devices with embedded computers to address the implications for public safety. My work has included editing, design, and layout.

Cal Sailing Club
Provide minimum cost access for everyone to educational and recreational sailing facilities.
The Cal Sailing Club is a non-profit, volunteer-run sailing and windsurfing club that offers lessons, recreation, and free programs for the general public and for summer programs. The club's programs for the general public and organized groups include Introductory Sails, land sailing school, summer sailing for youth groups, windsurfing seminars, lectures, and clinics.