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UX Designer creating efficient, intuitive solutions by considering the whole environment of a product - from the immediate details of a user's interaction with it; to design and implementation; to company, client, and user goals.
My varied background in both art and physics enables me to address both detail work and systems thinking, make strategic commitments, and to plan a digital ecosystem that addresses a client's core needs.

Design | Process Optimization | Documentation | Management

ParentPay Ltd. | Junior UI / UX Designer | November 2016 - January 2017
Translate user requirements into user journeys, and develop wireframes and functional prototypes in Axure. Hit the ground running with a complex application in a space in which everyone but me has a lifetime of experience. Observe user testing sessions and incorporate the feedback into all applicable parts of the product. Be an advocate for the user in all situations, including furthering discussions of accessibility needs.
Be involved with Agile / Scrum team planning and estimating; collaborate with the developers and testing team to ensure the sprint timeline is kept. For assigned stories, handle everything from requirements-gathering to stakeholder review within the provided time and framework. Contribute insights from previous experience as well as providing a clarifying outside perspective on internal discussion. Raise questions that revealed unspoken assumptions and uncommunicated processes, increasing whole team efficiency.
Initiate building shareable widget/pattern library, visual vocabulary, and document templates to ensure consistency across the product. Create documentation for universal field input validation and messaging.

University of Warwick School of Law | IT & Learning Support Officer | March 2016 - June 2016
Create marketing templates for desktop publishing for use both in print and online that are consistent with new University branding guidelines. Apply those templates to create posters for print, online, and display on large screens around campus. Ensure that the new website adhered to User Experience best practices by evaluating current interactions, structure, layout, colours, etc. and making necessary changes.
Create background policies that govern the standardization and centralization of information, reducing duplicated effort and streamlining information on the site. Advise and support staff on software / hardware purchases for the School, and in the maintenance of web pages, development of web content, and recording and editing video.
Compile written instructions, documentation, and advice for staff and students on all systems, software, and processes. Document all internal IT processes to ensure consistent application of policies during administrative and academic transitions.

Loom Grown | Production Assistant and Design Consultant | October 2015 - December 2015
Troubleshoot issues with Trotec300 laser cutting paths and part design files. Assist with path planning and design optimization to minimize waste material. User Experience testing of the accompanying application.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission | Application Interaction Designer | March 2015 - July 2015
User Experience research and design for an internal timekeeping module integrated with task management software. Create Balsamiq wireframes, present prototype to stakeholders, and incorporate feedback from all levels.
Edit the specifications and requirements document, sketch thumbnails for process flow, map and understand current systems, market research into other timekeeping software, and conduct ad-hoc user testing.

San Francisco Department of Public Works | Visual/UX Designer | October 2014 - May 2015
Design and build a web-based user interface for a historical cost database. Write and edit CSS and HTML, conduct exploratory user interviews, and present and defend design ideas to higher-level administrators.

General | Student, User Experience Design Intensive | June 2014 - August 2014
Implement user research tactics to gain a deeper understanding of what users need and want. Identify the best ways to organize information on a given site or app. Understand the importance of Information Architecture. Design a digital product that behaves intuitively, and brings joy and function to users. Explain process through the use of sketches, wireframes, and presentations. Collaborate with design teams to see a project from start to finish.

Other Machine Co. | Retail Interaction Designer | December 2013 - March 2014
Design and implement packaging, creative kit contents, and customer outreach. Research and report on market trends in the "maker" space across the globe, as well as within small-scale manufacturing.
Solely responsible for contents, flow, launch, and monitoring of the web store supporting our portable CNC milling machine. Investigate, test, order, organize, and track inventory (and create associated systems).

GREE International, Inc | QA Tester | December 2012 - September 2013
Conduct black-box testing of mobile games on iOS and Android. Assist with QA sign-off leading up to submission to the Apple App Store and Google Play. Ensure consistency across testcases and bug reports. Mentor new hires.

Pioneers of the Inevitable | Quality Assurance Tester/Lead; IT Buddy | April 2009 - July 2012
Rebuild, update, and manage templates for bug reports to ensure that all information is collected up front to reduce response time. Update and maintain how-to guide for the community. Develop a high-level test plan.


OwnBooks | Participant and Designer | September 2016 – present
Assisting with collection, cleaning, labelling, and organizing of books in the repository for distribution to schools. Informational flyer and website design and consultation.

Achieving Results in Communities CIC | Activity Facilitator | March 2016 – present
Individual support and activity facilitator during weekly EcoTherapy@FoundryWood sessions at the community urban woodland. Organize and assist attendees performing woodland maintenance, craft, or group cooking tasks.

Sundown Blues Dance Society | Founding Board Member ; Event Host | July 2014 – December 2015
Board Member : Create documentation of internal processes to facilitate communication between organization volunteers, as well as accountability to community members. Ensure smooth operation of two weekly event venues. Attend and provide updates at bi-monthly Board Meetings. Incorporate feedback into Event Host role.
Event Host : Responsible for restructuring community and cultural expectations within two weekly social dance venues through outreach, engagement, and policy. Also being present as a Host several nights a month to provide on-site support, manage a team of volunteers, and ensure that new guidelines and processes fit the environment.

The Crucible | Fire Safety | November 2008 – December 2015
Check in with performers and artists before they light up, assist with their safety procedures, communicate any concerns, and give a go/no-go before running. Maintain a safety perimeter around active fire. Be on hand during both small and large performances to address questions from attendees, performers, or other staff. Attend and assist with yearly Fire Safety training to keep current on procedures. Play with fire. Safely.

FIGMENT Oakland 2015 | Curation Co-Lead | March 2015 – October 2015
Assist with on-boarding and co-ordinating artists for and during the event, and supporting the other Curation volunteers. Herd cats. Help with everything. Serve as day-of contact for administrative decisions.
Internal-facing organization, communication, workflow optimization, documentation, etc. to keep the participants and eight-person organizing committee up-to-date. Ensure consistency and accuracy by providing templates.

BlacksmitHER | Editor | March 2015 – September 2015
Restructure podcast summaries before they are posted to the website, to ensure consistency and accuracy.

i am the cavalry | Editor and Designer | August 2014 - December 2014
Design outreach flyers targeted to automotive industry professionals, security researchers, and the general public.

Girls Science Institute | Activity Lead and Assistant | May 2014 & May 2015
Assist with project set-up in the morning, registration and check-in, maintaining order throughout the day, answer questions, guide exploration, and generally be present as a female STEM role model.

BluesQuake 2014 | Meeting Chair | October 2013 – June 2014
Ensure that information from meetings is recorded and shared. Create agenda, solicit further items, keep meetings on track, and ensure that we stick to the event timeline. Find, organize, reference, and maintain documents needed to plan and run a weekend workshop with attendees from all across the US on a nine-month timeline.


2014 General Assembly, UXDi
2007 UC Berkeley, Summer Mandarin Chinese
2006 University of St Andrews, Semester abroad
2007 Bryn Mawr College, BA in Physics


Reading sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction, non-fiction, cultural history, linguistic analysis, science, poetry, etc. Climbing trees. Building big art. Making small art. Fixing mechanical problems. Dancing solo modern and partnered blues. Sailing dinghies and keelboats. Music. Art. Scotch. Backpacking. Travel. Fire safety.

References available upon request.