About Mari

they / them

Detail thinker with big-picture planning. People and pedestrians first. Accessibility junkie. Community champion. Aspiring race traitor. Prize-winning knitter. Discusser of "forbidden" topics. Artist of many media. Physicist by training. Expert cat-botherer. Will read the first three chapters of any book. Spreadsheet wizard. Not meek.

A public transit and social justice advocate, Mari works to center marginalized communities and people over data. Coming originally from rural Appalachia they have a deep understanding of the unique transit challenges in similar areas. With past experience ranging from physics to design, all their work has hinged on communicating complex topics to non-experts in dignified and engaging ways. They specialize in addressing details while reaching towards big-picture goals and are excited to bring all of these skills to more communities.

As a short person, I stand on many soap boxes. A partial list, in no particular order :