hex crop of bus stops and income of Alameda County
Intro GIS
Demographics near bus stops

Final project for Intro to ArcGIS, Spring 2019.

This project is a small slice of, and a first attempt at, a much larger project - to map bus systems all across the US in time as well as space, and overlay that data on household income in the areas covered by the systems. Alongside those data, I would like to be able to present information by agency that covers average/mean driver salary and average/mean hours worked for each agency. To be able to include ridership data would be icing on the cake. The full, ideal project would be a zoomable map. This 3D map of bus lines in Singapore is one of the inspirations for this project.

I created a thematic choropleth map - statistical data aggregated over previously defined regions, instead of allowing the data to create the boundaries. Meaning, in regular terms, that the data is not used to define the regions; the map also has administrative/political boundary lines to help orient the viewer.
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